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Andres Payan Estrada

Born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, Andres Payan Estrada currently lives and works in Los Angeles. An artist and curator whose practice focuses on issues revolving around contemporary craft along with material and object practices with a focus on ceramics. He is currently the curator of public engagement at Craft Contemporary and recently served as special visiting art faculty at the California Institute of the Arts.

Emily Sarten

Emily Sarten (she/her, b.1988) is originally from the Sonoran desert region of southwest Arizona. She earned a BFA in Photography and a minor in Film and Media production from Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University in 2019 where her work explored the intersection of technology and memory. Sarten is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where her practice has evolved to include sculpture and installation for video and performance. Her hobbies include bad movies, good food, and talking to her betta fish.

Sapira Cheuk

Sapira Cheuk is an ink painter and installation artist interested in proprioception, ways of knowing through the body, and how these modes of knowledge reflect or internalize external experiences. Her practice incorporates traditional Chinese Sumi painting techniques and geometric elements to depict the complexity of the Subject, agency, and corporeality, while building an alternative narrative of not only bodily experiences, but also intersubjective relations. Cheuk has exhibited in numerous exhibitions, including those at the Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, Orange County Contemporary Art Center, Masur Museum, The Netura Museum, Culver Center for the Arts, Riverside Art Museum, Rochester Contemporary Art Museum, Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art, Chaffey Museum of Art, and The Robert & Frances Fullerton Museum of Art. She currently works as an instructor for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and received her BA at University of California, Riverside and MFA from California State University, San Bernardino.